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I FAILED the Channel 4 UK Citizenship Test.

How embarrassing! It proves how ridiculous the questions are though - they are all about law, and statistical breakdowns… When actually, it should test how well people understand life in Britain and British Culture. I suggest the following questions:

  1.  250 words on the importance of queuing.
  2. Name four characters (past or present) from Eastenders
  3. Who should apologise when two people bump into each other in the street (answer: both of you.) .
  4. Rank the following curries in the order of hotness.
  5. Sing one line from a football chant.
  6. Match the following newspapers with the socio-economic class you will automatically be judged as for buying them.
  7. Name Henry  VIII’s wives.
  8. What is a hosepipe ban?
  9. Practical Examination: Make a lovely cuppa tea.

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